We live as we dream.

“To see nothing is to perceive the Way, and to understand nothing is to know the Dharma, because seeing is neither seeing nor not seeing and because understanding is neither understanding nor not understanding.”

—   Bodhidharma (via lazyyogi)

(Source: lazyyogi)

An Honest Look at Captitalism

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate money. I don’t hate the pursuit of happiness. I don’t hate people who think money is everything. Who think money is happiness.

I love my iPad. I love having a safe place to sleep and a school to learn at. What I don’t love is living in a society where freedom has become an illusion.

Alot of people think western society is a place where freedom has been maximized, where each man and woman can pursue their own ends without interference. But I ask these people if they believe in chains that aren’t material. In pressures that are more insidious by nature.

I am not a radical going after the innocent man who loves his home and his family. Who works hard. I am a protector. I am the voice of the man who works hard but doesn’t love his life. He’s miserable. He wanted to be an artist but he was told that he couldn’t be happy without money. So he became an accountant. He sits in the same office day after day after day. He doesn’t complain. Society has trained him better than that. He is trapped without anyway to express his angst and frustration. Slowly he is consumed by his misery and dies without being remembered or being loved or ever understanding the beauty of living a life worth living.

Do you see? We have become slaves to our own ideal. Money comes before happiness. Before beauty.

The last 500 years is an ironic time period. We freed ourselves from the moral slavery of religion. With science and rational thought we became aware of mankind’s enslavement to religious dogma. Only to cling to the closest idol. To material. To the physical realm. To money. We gave up our noble aspirations and chose to pursue the accumulation of wealth. Money has become our new God.

Thousands of years of economic theory suggest that society is not possible without currency. Then again, thousands of years ago we thought the world was flat and that an omnipotent super being watched and protected us. Just because the majority says something does not mean they are correct. Despite this I sense that people will have trouble letting go of currency. The human race thrives on clinging to unnecessaries. So I suggest this, imagine a society with a currency not of gold but of compassion, of respect, of love. A society where a man is not measured by his wealth but by his character.

They once said democracy would never work. That to give power to the people was a foolish and romantic notion. Some may call me an idealist, I prefer agent of change.

Madness with Clarity

Pea coat and sweats.

Cigarettes without succumbing to cravings.

Madness with clarity.

Introversion without fearing or perishing in the midst of others.

Having a way with the ladies but never misusing them or putting them below yourself.

A healthy meal followed by an extravagant desert.

Yoga followed by getting drunk.

Science with Poetry

Rational and Irrational.

Many seem to think that you can live only one way. This makes me laugh.

It is as absurd as saying the human race can survive with only men or only women.

A true man, a great man understands that he is both rational and irrational.

Both pleasure seeking and purposeful.

A savage and a scholar.

A paradox.

Science and art are not rivals. They are brothers.

The why and the how.

How can science tell a man how to live happily?

And what does the poet understand about the laws of nature? Besides the subjective and abstract musings he seems to regard as law.

Embrace both! Not as masters, or as gods whom we must obey. But as servants and as tools for your own gains.

The man comes first. Consciousness comes first. The rest has been created. Completely contrived. Useful but a lie.

When your beasts of burden pull you in two directions do you let one go and lose half your belongings? Do you simply let them tear you apart? No!

You reel them in and teach them their place. Then you set the destination and they will lead you where you need to go.

End your dualities and put them under one label. Human.

Namaste and fuck off.

Of Gods and Men

Man is a being under assault on every front.

He is attacked by fear, by love, by hate.

Thousands of sensations looking to steal his power.

To subjugate him to their will.

The universe is no friendly place, everything has its own interest in mind.

This interest is power, to be the greatest.

Every material object, every idea that exists in the mind, and all of your friends have no greater desire than the will to power.

To have the most power is - though not in the traditional sense - to be a god.

How do we go about gaining power?

It is a simple process.

One must simply learn to conquer everything that one encounters.

Fear, morality, enemies, friends.

Overcoming and conquering is really just a question of willpower. Are you strong enough. Brave enough?

A god stands on the axis of all that is and is not, the naval of the universe if you will, watching good and evil, romanticism and cynicism, and fear and love rotate around him. They cannot tempt him, they cannot move him from his victorious podium. This podium is nothingness.

Now I must return to my podium. Farewell.


In this moment of the rising sun - an Easter morning to be completely correct - my consciousness watched a wonderfully cynical idea walk through it’s view. The idea and my consciousness had a delightful little talk. It mostly concerned why we of the broken species lie to ourselves so much. We tell ourselves we want deeper meaning over and over again. But why meaning? For the happiness it provides, of course. For the smiles, for the confidence. Here we see the paradox; isn’t happiness as shallow as every other little pleasure? A few chemicals stirring in a pulp mess of neurons?

We want meaning! We want meaning! Stop lying!

Meaning is vanity, happiness is vanity. I for one want despair, pure unadulterated despair. I want to sink, to cry, to die. I want to put an end to the grotesque and sinister game we all play with ourselves. Look inside yourselves and tell me you are brave enough to want the same.